Jacob Kowalski’s Wand in ‘Secrets’

still have not seen Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore yet but I saw this short promotional film at the Wizarding World twitter feed and thought of one reviewer’s border-line disgust with the Jacob Kowalski subplot. He marveled that Dumbledore would be so foolish and indifferent to the dangers the No-Maj would be in with only a fake wand. It turns out, of course, that Jacob’s presence was critical to the story-flip at the Grindelwald camp’s Supreme Mugwump Election victory party but, despite that little bit of fore-sight brilliance on DDore’s part, why else does Jacob the Muggle figure so much in this tale of a wizard civil war? And what’s with the prop wand?

I think, among several great answers to my question about what in Beasts3, the film franchise’s story turn, points most clearly to the finish we will see in Beasts5, the series finale, the best is that the ending — Dumbledore’s defeat of Grindelwald despite the Bad Guy having the unconquerable Elder Wand — will come down to Mad Max’s disregard and disdain for the Muggle and Jacob being the true master of the Death Stick, from the Subway scene at Beast1’s finale.

What do you think?


  1. Jan Voetberg says

    In FB1 Jakob’s role is crucial, when he kicks the door in to Grave’s office: his muggle physical strength provides the solution where Queenie’s magical strength fails, and this enables Queenie to rescue the other three. His physical strength is again accentuated in FB2 when he carries the unconscious Kama. That scene reminds me of Neville carrying the unconscious Hermione in the Department of Mysteries in HP5. And we all remember how decisive Neville’s role would become. It looks like in certain aspects Jakob’s role in FB is a parallel to that of Neville in HP. My guess would be that DD gives Jakob another wand, again made of snakewood, but this time with a core from a (or from Frank the) thunderbird. This means that the wand will react on its own in a threatening situation, while GG mistakes it for the earlier fake wand. That would be part of the strategy to confuse GG. But that still doesn’t answer the question how the mastership over the Elder Wand will pass from Kama (via Jakob?) to DD.

  2. After watching the third movie, it seems to me that the producers are totally disregarding elder wand theory. How can Dumbledore win the elder wand from Grindelwald if Newt, Tina, or Jacob has it? Also, I didn’t understand the part with the blood pact? What was the pendant doing when it was scraping at the wall? Why didn’t it attack Grindelwald when he tried to attack Dumbledore?

  3. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    I’d have to do some rewatching to attempt a comment on “Jacob being the true master of the Death Stick, from the Subway scene at Beast1’s finale” – but, to Amy’s reflections and question, what elder wand theory would be compatible with it repeatedly passing from hand to hand?

    By the way, any possible image-play with Jacob and a wand – e.g., Numbers 24: 17 (“Orietur stella ex Jacob, et consurget virga de Israel : et percutiet duces Moab, vastabitque omnes filios Seth”), the astronomical instrument “Jacob’s staff”, or the plant (Fouquieria splendens) – with thanks to Wikipedia for the last two, hitherto unknown to me! Further, who may Queenie and Jacob’s children turn out to be (if any)? – and, any possible Jacob and Queenie and Bill and Fleur parallels likely?

  4. That’s sooo cool, wish they could make our individual wands aswell 😍🥰

  5. Rev. Harry says

    It seems I stumbled on this page only to become even more confused. Jacob has no connection to the elder wand as far as I can see. I don’t understand what is meant by the subway scene of the first movie, because I have seen that countless times and there is zero connection between Jacob and the elder wand. Because Grindelwald was defeated and his wand was seized (was that Tina?) Whoever seized it becomes the master of the elder wand. In the secrets of Dumbledore, Grindelwald has his wand again—and again there’s no connection between Jacob and that wand.

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