“J.K. Rowling Fairy Tale Sells for $4M”

Now I really wish I had been given one… Don’t you?

I wonder if the “lucky winner” will sell or post or publish the stories. Here’s hoping.


  1. You can see images– Amazon.com was the purchaser!

    Tales of Beedle the Bard images



  2. Apparently, Amazon.com was the real buyer. @_@

    Announcement on Amazon.com (click click!)

  3. JohnABaptist says

    And six dear friends are now worth $4,000,000 apiece on paper that they don’t have to pay taxes on until they sell their book at some time of need in the distant future. Had she given them $4M in cash in Britain, they would have paid something like $2.5M in taxes immediately. Our Joanne may have majored in Classics, but she apparently threw a course in Economics in somewhere along the line.

  4. Amazon.com bought it. You can see pictures online. They cannot post the actual content though. The book is really beautiful.

  5. How wonderful for the charity! I saw the headlines this morning but didn’t follow the story. I, too, hope the purchase did not come with a binding agreement not to publish the *Tales*.

  6. I’m not sure I would want a copy of it. I mean, think about it. Where would you put it? Now that one copy sold for $4 million, you couldn’t just have it out on your coffee table on on a book shelf. So you’d have to get it insured and then lock it up somewhere, when what you really would want is to have it there to enjoy reading and looking at the hand drawn pictures.

    And I’m not sure how I feel about Amazon buying it. It’s great that they are sharing it, sort of, with the public, but that sort of diminishes the specialness of all the other books that were given as gifts, if we all can see the pictures and the text (even out of focus, which I assume was done intentionally). What will they do with it after all the excitement is over. The idea that it will end up being sold on-line someday is rather sad and probably not at all what JKR would have wanted.

    Oh, well. I guess it’s better that Amazon has it than some collector who hasn’t read the HP books.

    It does look amazing, though, doesn’t it? And it’s great that so much was raised for Children’s Voice.


  7. How delightful to read the review on the hopping pot! Sounds a little like the prodigal son 🙂 . I also received my OOTP 2-disk edition from Amazon and enjoyed the special features disk last evening included with the movie. It was fantastic to see “Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter” with John Granger along with Steve VanderArk and others giving insight into the movies (narrative misdirection, pride and prejudice, things are not what they seem, etc). It was fantastic and very well done!

  8. And someone paid $23 million for a single sheet one off of a legal agreement! It’s amazing Ms. Rowling didn’t get more for her book…

  9. rosesandthorns says

    Wow, John, just saw you in “Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter”! I wasn’t expecting that. You had quite a lot of comments in it. When did you do the interview?

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