JKR 1998: Harry Potter a “Big Gothic Thing”

What fun! Let me know what you think… There is a decent near transcript posted at LeakyCauldron.

A Big Thank You again to Nick Jeffery for finding the url to this video (the old one had been taken down)!


  1. That was a fantastic interview! I’ve never seen that one before. I’ve read things like it where she said some of the same things to newspaper reporters, but it’s fun to see her and hear her. I’ll have to listen again, though – I sometimes had trouble hearing the questions. It’s a good thing that Jo gives very complete answers in interviews.

    As you said – what fun!

  2. I loved this interview! I will also need to watch it again to fully appreciate it.

    It was neat to hear her definitively say that she had always pictured Hogwarts in Scotland. Despite loving English literature as I do, I’m not the best at British Geography and I don’t think I ever spent much time considering the location of the castle. Scotland does make sense, the way she said it (from what I remember), “due north, a day’s journey from London.”

    I had a tangential thought about the Harry Potter world-geography:

    It would be fun to have some kind of map available for us Harry Potter geeks that shows the locations mentioned in the books, particularly book 7 and the journey the trio goes on. (If there is one, I’m not aware of it.)
    If Tolkien and Lewis can come up with maps of their worlds, couldn’t it be possible to have a Harry Potter map? Though I can see, as I think about it, that the difficulties would lie in these fictional places would overlap with actual places in the UK…. Hmmm..

    Thanks for posting it, John.

  3. I really like her earliest interviews. This one and a previous one really show how compulsive she is. That is just her writing style,( as opposed to long languishing descriptions of sunsets). It gives me hope that any further books by this author will be as involved and interesting as Harry Potter has been.

    I wish some of these earlier interviews had been a bit more technical in nature.

  4. “It’s very hard to make a living from children’s writing.”

    helpful in the least. and encouraging.

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