John Makes Another Mistake

Ouch. I just got a friendly note from Hans Andrea, the alchemy guy at Harry Potter for (and one of the nicest people I know in Fandom) pointing out a blunder I made in a previous post here.

I wrote on the Great Expectations post:

“Harry Potter for Seekers,” one of the wildest Fandom web sites (and because of its more thoughtful alchemy posts, one of the very few sites of which I am a member), is running a thread this month called “What are your heart-felt wishes for Book 7?” Serious Readers are invited to answer this question and send it to Hans Andrea, the moderator and genie at HPfS, will post it for you.

The blunder? That is the email address for registered members of HPfS. If you’re not a member and you wrote to Hans at this address, he has not received that email about your three heartfelt wishes. Yahoo groups rejected it.

If you wrote and still have a copy, you can send it on to him at I apologize for this hassle. If you wrote and your email program doesn’t automatically save what you wrote in a “sent” file, you, too, have my apologies.

I’ll go fix the other post now so more people don’t send messages into the cyber waste bin.

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