Just The Spells – and Nothing But the Spells!

I read somewhere that the worst film editing job was a Thai theatre owner’s attempt to cut The Sound of Music down from more than three hours to half an hour. Solution? Cut out all the music, of course!

A Latin Lover (think ‘Virgil,’ not ‘Valentino’) decided to do much the same with the Potter movies: what would the movies be like if they were only the spells? The answer to that question is provided below for your viewing pleasure. Hat tip, James!


  1. Well, that was fun except it cut off before the end. And they didn’t really include all the spells.

    There was quite a bit more spell work in the later movies, that was clear.

  2. “We Want More Spells! ‘Only Spells’ is not enough; only ‘ALL the Spells’ will do!”

    I agree, entirely.

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