‘Larry King Live’ contacts Hogwarts Professor @ 10 July Show

The Larry King Live teevee show on CNN is doing a blow-out Harry Potter special 10 July and they wrote me today to ask if I wanted to participate. Of course I agreed.

Having told you about the show, I have officially fulfilled my part in the program.

I’m guessing I’m one of several thousand people with weBlogs devoted to discussion of the Hogwarts Saga who received the following press release from Larry King’s marketing masters. Read it after the jump with my observations:

The announcement and request:

I’m Akua Harris, with ICED Media. As a HUGE Harry Potter fan I’m excited to be promoting an upcoming Larry King Special- Harry Potter: The Final Chapter, airing July 10th. The stars of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2 will sit down with Larry King on July 10 at 8pm and again at 11pm ET. Everyone’s favorites- Daniel  Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Helena Bonham Carter and Robbie Coltrane will all be a part of the show. They’ll be premiering never before seen footage from the film as well as a tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter led by the Weasley Twins (James and Oliver Phelps) and an exclusive behind the scenes tour with the special effects team who bring our magical world to life. The extended clip of the film will be shown exclusively on CNN days before the movie releases, on July 15th worldwide- as if your (sic) not counting the days like I am! Contact me for a pic of Larry and Daniel from the special. If you could share this with your readers, that’d be awesome. I’ve provided a few sample tweets if you’d like to share this with your twitter followers as well, the official hashtag is #PotteronCNN. There’s also going to be a contest with Larry King’s Twitter profile that we’ll have more info on soon.

Sample Tweet: On July 10 @KingsThings is interviewing #HarryPotter cast on CNN! Don’t miss it! #PotteronCNN http://on.cnn.com/kPscQf

Sample Tweet: CNN Presents: A Larry King (@KingsThings) Special- Harry PotterL The Final Chapter http://on.cnn.com/kPscQf #PotteronCNN

Thanks so much,


I have two observations.

(1) The Obvious:

The show is a money making vehicle for CNN. Not only will they get off-the-chart ratings and corresponding advertising revenue but one assumes they did it in tandem with a marketing deal with Warner Brothers in which quid pro quo “you get special access and we get a preferred advertising rate in prime time slots for the film’s target audience.” There won’t be anything discussed of any weight beyond “how do you feel about this being over?” For the drinking game, I recommend the words “amazing” and “interesting,” which will be heard at least every other minute, especially in the talks with the younger actors and actresses.

(2) Even More Obvious?

Gilderoy here thinks  Akua’s description of the show is disappointing. From what s/he shared, it seems very unlikely that anything of interest to students of the Potter books or the cultural aftermath of a decade-long Potter mania will be discussed on Mr. King’s show.

That’s a shame because there’s a lot to discuss.

One of the feature stories in July’s Christianity Today is one I wrote about how Ms. Rowling’s Harry Potter artistry has affected, even shaped the contemporary fiction scene, with series like Twilight and Hunger Games lifting their key story elements from her series. The article, titled ‘Harry is Here to Stay,’ argues that her influence is so profound that it is even re-shaping our understanding of the past, as we re-experience the ‘Greats’ through a Harry Potter lens.

If I had a teevee to watch (or cable?), I probably would watch the show. I enjoy the movies, if I am no judge of their artistic merits as film (I’m a book guy, remember?), and I’d like to see the extended trailer this show promises to be. My children and I went to see Green Lantern on my Sarah’s 21st birthday last week and we all were on the edge of our seats when the Deathly Hallows 2 preview was on screen.

But, hey, CNN took the low route. Mr. King, who famously never reads books by authors he interviews, was certainly not going to invite a Potter Pundit or two or three (as A&E did back in 2007) when the deal is all about exciting movie goers about the premiere rather than talking literature for the geeks.

Still, think of what fun it would be if Tom Snyder still had his Tomorrow show

Your comments and corrections are coveted. Please overlook the whining above and let me know what you think of the CNN program 10 July. If you have the email address for King’s prime time replacement, Piers Morgan, and want to share it, feel free. Gilderoy is all ears. (the an again, maybe not).


  1. I would love the picture and will be sharing this with everyone on my facebook Harry Potter will live in my Muggle heart forever

  2. I would love a picture and will be sharing this with everyone on my wepage!

  3. John, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    CNN should have added some portion of this special to include the literary value of the HP series to the success of the movies.

    Lets put it this way, they would not have had a script to work the 8 movie financial blockbuster in the first place without JKR’s seven books!! They could have devoted a block of time to cover the many books, such as your great collection researching the meanings/symbolism of HP that has opened up this world of fantasy/fiction now to the other works you mentioned above, as well as college papers, literary thesis works devoted to HP and the Great Classics now hitting many different University/College English course structures around the country!

    The Hollywood splash is great and entertaining to be sure, but that is only half of the story surrounding Harry Potter and the world around this work.

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