Literary Alchemy as Wedding Scaffolding: Seeing is Believing

Lancelot Schaubert, longtime friend of this weblog and contributor to Travis Prinzi’s Harry Potter for Nerds essay collection, was married recently. He and his bride decided to give their nuptial celebrations a literary touch, something ‘fantastic’ and ‘mythic’ without chain-mail and dwarves carrying battle axes.

They decided on a Literary Alchemy theme. Story and pictures here!

If alchemy has gone mainstream enough that we’re seeing weddings planned with it as the organizing principle, I think we can conclude that Harry Potter is indeed the Shared Text of Generation Hex.

Congratulations, Lancelot and Kiddo! May the Lord smile on your marriage and lives together in Him!


  1. Thanks, John.

    I would say (and perhaps I was unclear in the post, I’ll go back and check) that this was actually two years ago and I’ve waited and waited to share them until I could accurately represent some of the intended and unintended symbolism.

    I figure our twoish-year mark was as good a time as any.

  2. (and also thanks for the marriage blessings!)

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