Marybeth Davis Baggett: In Praise of Imagination

I was not surprised or delighted by Ms Rowling’s recent comments about the Harry-Hermione pairing  in her Wonderland interview with Emma Watson (you can read my thoughts here and here). James Thomas, author of Re-Potting Harry Potter and Rowling Revisited, in contrast to my acerbic notes responded with his characteristically lighter and more engaging touch:

I have decided that my REPOTTING HARRY POTTER should now be entitled HARRY POTTER REPOTTED.  Please spread the word.  (I am also revisiting the title of ROWLING REVISITED and have tentatively decided that Dimmesdale needs to commite suicide, Mr. Darcy is arrested for spousal abuse, Daisy Buchanon swerved the car and missed Myrtle, and–even though the cow jumped over the moon–the dish ran away with the fork.)

Marybeth Davis Baggett — and, yes, that last name should be familiar to Potter Pundits of every degree (the professors Baggett are married) — is an English teacher at Liberty University. In the spirit of a balanced response to Ms Rowling’s rolling-revelation of what she really meant, I hope you will read Prof M. D. Baggett’s thoughts on the issue, which are much more charitable and edifying than my own! Her J. K. Rowling: In Praise of Imagination can be read at the Christ and Pop Culture web log.

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