Meet Emma and Friends in London!

Story here with more Emma pics!


  1. Arabella Figg says

    Wow, that would be fun! An event of a lifetime.

    Poor Emma. She has had to keep her hair long by contract through the films. Now she can indulge herself and she gets lambasted.; hey, the girl can do what she wants with her hair But this outfit is edgy? Seriously? What does that make Lady Gaga?

  2. Now we learn about how Warner Brothers kept the terrible trio from trouble before filming ended: around the clock chaperon-body guards, contract provisions on hair length, and the like. So Ms. Watson cuts her hair and Mr. Radcliffe is letting ‘his hair down,’ if you will.

    An appetite for partying was also very much in evidence a few days ago in St Petersburg, where the actor celebrated his 21st birthday in a blizzard of bar crawls and heroic quantities of Russian vodka.

    After finishing work on the eighth and final instalment of the £4 billion Harry Potter film franchise in June, Daniel has been quick to throw off the shackles of his onscreen alter ego, the do-gooding boy wizard — a role he has played since the age of 11.

    First to go have been the hitherto ever-present bodyguards, whom over-cautious executives from Warner Bros insisted must shadow their prize asset at all times.

    His friends say being watched round the clock by a personal protection team had become virtually intolerable in the final months of filming Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II.

    He was even assigned a ‘chase car’ containing former SAS-trained bodyguards, in case of emergency. All of which seems more like the level of protection for a member of the Royal Family than someone who, little more than a year ago, was still living at his parents’ home in Fulham, South-West London.

    Forgive me, but this ‘Mail’ article reminded me, both by its tone and details, not to mention the reader comments, of Rita Skeeter’s Witch Weekly article on ‘Harry Potter’s Girl Friend’ in Goblet of Fire. Life imitating art?

    Here’s hoping that now the restraints are off these young adults — who have been living in a fish bowl with bars on the windows all their conscious lives — that they don’t go the way of many child actor and actress successes. They certainly have an uphill battle if they want anything resembling a normal human life.

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