Miss Granger Goes to Hogwarts?

I know a brilliant young woman taking a train next week from the biggest train station in this part of the world to head out to the magical school of her dreams pictured below. She has all her things packed in a trunk, her last name is Granger, and she does magic with something like a wand.


That young woman, of course, is my daughter the magic flute player, Miss Sarah Granger. To read about the other magical Miss Granger, actress Emma Watson, and her welcome at Brown University, read ‘Blending in on campus reportedly not so easy for Potter Star.’ The agonies of celebrity…

Here is a picture of Miss Granger and the Hogwarts Professor, UChicago ’83, in the University of Chicago’s Hutchinson Commons, aka The Great Hall, last Halloween.

Photo credit: Toni Gras. Yes, this will be the last Granger family HogPro post for a while (at least until Timothy writes another book review).


  1. Congratulations! I know it will be enchantingl! Perhaps if more students thought of their educational journey as a magical one, they’d have more fun and learn more, too. Blessings, Sarah!

  2. another congratulations! It’s so interesting that a Granger offspring ended up at the U of C, wasn’t it recently voted the school most likely to provide the Hogwarts experience? And speaking of Brown, one of their students went undercover 2 years ago and enrolled for a semester at Liberty University, which definitely isn’t considered a hotbed of intellectuals. One of my daughters is a student there, and also a big Harry fan, although she hasn’t found many Potter pals. The Brown student, Kevin Roose(that’s right, Roose, not Ruse!)wrote a very funny book about his experience at Liberty. The title is Unlikely Disciple. He compares Facebook polls of Liberty students and Brown students and the Brown students’ top favorite books are The Harry Potter books, which probably doesn’t make life any easier for Emma Watson at Brown. By the way, Liberty students said their top favorite book was the bible…

  3. Prof. David Baggett is teaching philosophy and theology at Liberty; tell your daughter to talk to him — he’s written and edited three books (?) on the Hogwarts Saga — and I’ll come down next time my daughter Hannah runs against the Lady Flames! January, I think…

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