MNet Academia: Hogwarts Profs Talk Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Keith Hawk of MuggleNet Academia invited the faculty, all of us, to talk about Fantastic Beasts, the film and the screenplay. A lot of laughs, insights, and questions on top of speculation and good grief guesswork — join us for some great conversation!

Link to MNet Academia podcast on Fantastic Beasts featuring Louise Freeman, Emily Strand, and Elizabeth Baird-Hardy!


  1. Susan Stacy says

    At the beginning of the podcast you mentioned that there were details of literary alchemy in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. But I never heard you elaborate with any details. Have you covered this in any of the articles you’ve written about the movie? I would love to hear more about this from you.

  2. The alchemy of Fantastic Beasts! After I prep for the podcast tomorrow on eugenics and the new series and write a post on Slogan Names, I’m working on the alchemy…

    Thank you for the reminder and a push!

  3. Debbie Moltisanti says

    It is so great to discuss, theorize, and predict again! I had a thought while listening to the podcast. While I agree that Dumbledore sent Newt to America, I feel as though it was more in search of the Obscurial, rather than Grindelwald directly (although they pretty much knew he’d be there). It occurred to me that perhaps Dumbledore has a deep interest in the Obscurial as well, though with the intent of helping the person. If Dumbledore believes he can work with Newt to somehow rehabilitate the Obscurial, it would assuage some of his guilt over Ariana.

  4. waynestauffer says

    would this be a good time to remind readers about James Thomas’s comments on FBWTFT in his book Rowling Revisited?

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