Moaning Myrtles Wrock Band Star Now Head of United States Ministry of Truth

You may have heard that, in the wake of Elon Musk buying Twitter, the Biden Administration announced that the Department of Homeland Security had opened a Disinformation Governance Board, quickly dubbed “The Ministry of Truth,” an Orwellian tagline from 1984. The head of this new government agency? Nina Jankowicz.

If you follow that link to Ms Jankowicz’s Wikipedia page, you will learn that she is a Bryn Mawr and Georgetown graduate who studied in Russia and was a Fulbright scholar in the Ukraine. The page also adds as an aside that she “has an interest in musical theater.”

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted out this catchy tune with clever lyrics by the Governance Board Chair appointee about disinformation.

Tucker Carlson, in the piece below about the so-called Ministry of Truth as a shameless affront to the First Amendment’s prohibition of government abridgment of free speech, also played this clip (beginning at 4:55) along with statements from Ms Jankowicz saying that disinformation is a problem with the political right, not the left.

The funny thing? Neither of these spokesman of the conservative and Constitutional originalist faction in the United States chose to mention where Nina Jankowicz developed her “interest in musical theater.” She was one half of one of the most popular Wizard Rock bands at the height of that musical genre’s zenith in the late Aughts, The Moaning Myrtles. You can listen to their biggest hit, ‘Prefects Are Hot,’ in this YouTube clip.

As you might imagine, conservative news aggregation websites like loved this connection, especially because of the anything but chaste lyrics of ‘Prefects Are Hot.’Biden Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz Sang About Sex Fantasy with Dead Harry Potteris the Breitbart lede on their home page today. Forget the graduate degree from Georgetown, the Fulbright Scholarship, and the two published books; the Disinformation Governing Board Chair is to be judged by her late teen accomplishments as a Wizard Rock band member.

Just or unjust as this portrayal may be in the current climate of a cold Civil War between left and right in the United States today, my interest is in noting that the ‘Harry Potter Generation’ has now officially taken a position of power in Washington, as we all knew they someday must do. Breitbart concluded their cheery-picking of every Moaning Myrtle lyrics to find the most salacious with an observation reflecting the article writer’s familiarity with Potter canon: “It is an ironic discovery — Jankowicz’s apparent obsession with Harry Potter — as many have deemed her the U.S. version of the Ministry of Magic’s overpowering Dolores Umbridge.”

The children that grew up reading the Hogwarts Saga are now both the actors on and scribes writing about the political center ring, positions they will probably hold until the Parousia or for up to three decades if the Lord tarries. “The Griffin has landed.”

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