Mockingjay Discussion 10: Predictions Scorecard

I made ten public predictions for Mockingjay in addition to the “Three Sure Things” above and I would be remiss if I didn’t go back and grade my prognostication abilities. The ten points were:

1. The Completion of the Set

2. The Rubedo Big Reveal

3. Truth to Power

4. Resolution of Contraries

5. Christian Content

6. Alchemical Markers

7. Capitol Games

8. Teevee Theme

9. War Stories

10. Coal Mine Conclusion to Team Peeta/Team Gale

I’m going to give myself a ’75’ which is pretty good because I tacked on number 10 as a laughing reference to Germinal — and for quite a few pages as we ran through the sewers I thought it was going to play out! I didn’t think we got that much back story, at least not enough to qualify as an illuminating ‘big reveal’ and I only gave myself half credit for alchemical markers, for reasons I’ll explain tomorrow (if I get enough sleep to make up for reading straight through today!).

How did you score this list?


  1. I posted too soon in another thread when my post would have fit better here. I, too, started too think as they ran through the underground that you might have been dead on. I actually thought of your prediction post during that part of the book!

  2. On the one hand, not sure anyone should be allowed to make predictions without including (1) who dies and (2) Peeta vs. Gale. (I don’t think the Peeta/Gale issue is like the HP shipping wars, since it’s such a huge issue for Katniss herself, and is in fact the closing moment of the story.)

    But kudos, John, for the Capitol Games prediction — I thought we would be done with Hunger Games, but that one was certainly overt, especially with Plutarch in charge. And also for the Coal Mine Conclusion — not sure it was explicitly a Team Peeta/Gale conclusion, but I didn’t see the underground setting coming so strongly, so you sure called that one!

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