More Bad News for Fantastic Beasts: Ezra Miller Role Open for Re-Casting?

It looks like Ezra Miller is even less likely to return to his role as Credence Barebones-Aurelius Dumbledore than he was before. According to reports in Deadline and in Rolling Stone magazine, the parents of a teenage woman have gone to court in pursuit of a restraining order for the non-binary movie idol because of his supposed grooming of their child beginning at the age of twelve and culminating last year in her needing to be taken to a mental health facility to recover from a “bad LSD trip.” Per the parents’ request from the courts for help, “Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata.” 

This news, of course, comes on top of Miller having been arrested twice already this year for a bar-fight and for second-degree assault. If the Beasts franchise dumped Jonny Depp over Amber Heard’s #MeToo allegations, accusations since found in a jury trial to have been spurious, I’m having a hard time seeing Miller being invited back for Beasts 4, assuming there will be a fourth episode, or thinking that there will be more Flash drives featuring the mentally unstable and violent actor.

I have heard, on the other hand, that Disney is now excited about reviving The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise now that Depp has been vindicated (sort of) in the A-List Nightmare Trial of the Century (assertion post verdict and denial of rumor pre-verdict). Perhaps Depp could return to Fantastic Beasts, too, as an older, broken Credence Barebones, years after the Secrets of Dumbledore revelations, for a final showdown with Gellert Grindelwald in Beasts 5, the finale set in 1945.

Talk about a wild latch for the series ring! In the first film, Depp only appears as Grindelwald in the last seconds, another actor having played that part throughout the movie. If Depp returns in the last installment of the series, he can confront the Bad Guy playing Gellert who so groomed and abused Credence in Beasts 1. This is not to mention the spin of Miller’s being accused of grooming a helpless innocent and being burned in the process, a too-close-for-funny replication of what Grindelgraves did to him in the first Beasts


  1. Wayne Stauffer says

    Sounds to me like a good time for the Creedence subplot to be finished and for Newt and Albus to move on.
    I’m hoping to see what happens with Nagini and to see Newt give young Hagrid the acromantula egg…Newt is easily the traveler in whose pocket Aragog comes to Hagrid…oh yeah, and to see Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald…

  2. Paul Casey says

    IMHO: Erza is a beautiful person with an ugly past; I can relate. Now we need to learn from our past and keep moving forward. Life is far too short to keep screwing up.

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