MuggleNet Academia 11: Psychology and Harry Potter

Hogwarts and Mary Baldwin College Professor Louise Freeman joined the MuggleNet Academia crew to talk about the mental landscape of Harry Potter and the legion of characters populating his seven adventures. Here’s a synopsis of the program:

‘The Psychology of Harry Potter’

As soon as serious discussion of the Harry Potter novels began, there were interpretations of the books from a specifically psychological perspective. Jungians, Freudians, and other schools of western psychology have engaged the books as texts about psychological types and spiritual archetypes — and even used them in therapy with patients! MuggleNet Academia interviews Psychology professor Louise Freeman of Mary Baldwin College for answers to questions about the Dark Lord’s psychological condition — socio or psychopath? — Ms. Rowling’s admitted depression and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and penetrating second looks at Mad Eye Moody, Dudley Dursley, even Winky! Stand by for some fascinating insights into the artistry and meaning of the Hogwarts Saga from our position on the doctor’s couch…

Check it out by clicking here and listening in! Many thanks to Prof Freeman for the lively and challenging conversation.

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