MuggleNet Academia 13: Political Science & the Hogwarts Saga!

Georgetown University Professor Daniel Nexon joined the MuggleNet Academia crew last week to talk about reading Harry Potter’s adventures through the lenses of a political scientist. Here’s a synopsis of the program:

‘Political Science in the Harry Potter Series’

Daniel Nexon, Associate Professor of Government at Georgetown University and co-editor of Harry Potter and International Relations, believes that ideas are a driving force in political science and specifically in global relationships between nations. This ‘Constructivist’ position invites a discussion of the political ideas implicit and explicit to Joanne Rowling’s Harry Potter books and how they simultaneously reflect our political thinking and shape and inform our changing ideas. In MuggleNet Academia episode 13, Keith and John ask Prof Nexon about the Nazi allegory of the books, the take-away message about the War on Terrorism, even about the important differences between the idea of ‘liberal’ in the US and UK and how mistaking the one for the other affects our thinking about Harry and Ms. Rowling. Tune in your Wizard Wireless for a fascinating conversation about ‘Harry Potter and Political Science.’

Check it out by clicking here and listening in! Many thanks to Prof Nexon for the lively and challenging conversation.

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