MuggleNet Academia 14: Harry Potter For Nerds!

Potter Pundit and friend of this blog Travis ‘the Half-Blood’ Prinzi joined the MuggleNet Academia crew the night before Thanksgiving to talk about his latest book, Harry Potter for Nerds, and the future of serious reading of the Hogwarts Saga. Here’s a synopsis of this wild and wide-ranging program:

Harry Potter for Nerds with Travis Prinzi

Travis Prinzi, the author of Harry Potter and Imagination: The Way Between Two Worlds, editor of two collections of essays on the Hogwarts Saga, most recently Harry Potter for Nerds, and web site host for, sits down to chat with Keith, John, and Natalie Cooper about what’s ‘hot’ on the front line of Potter studies. Looking through his For Nerds collection, Travis shares his thoughts on the literary magic of the seven novels, from their ring composition to the symbolism of the planets, from the Dante, Spencer, and MacDonald echoes to exploration of the meanings of magic and technology. He talks, too, about the difference between academic and fan contributions to the series, his thoughts about the several future directions of Potter Studies, and the effects of the Hogwarts Saga on how he thinks and what he believes. Pull up a bar stool and order a Butterbeer or Fire Whiskey; this conversation is one you won’t want to miss!

Check it out by clicking here and listening in! Many thanks to Travis for the lively and challenging conversation on the eve of his family’s Thanksgiving celebration.

For those interested in the Alan Jacobs piece about Tolkien criticism I mentioned in the discussion, it can be read here.

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