MuggleNet Academia, 2011-2017: R. I. P

2113542To all our friends who have written to ask why the more than fifty MuggleNet Academia podcasts are no longer available at (so all the links on our posts are dead), the three answers to the questions you’ve asked are:

What Happened? Keith Hawk left his position at MuggleNet, and, as Keith owns the shows, having personally paid for their production and hosting through the years, he took the show with him at the divorce.

Where are the shows? The shows are posted here:

Are there any plans for future shows? No, this is the end of MuggleNet Academia. Keith cannot use the name and MuggleNet doesn’t want to continue this podcast in the current format. John is in contact with Keith about a future project (not podcasts) and with MuggleNet about a different program there.

Stay tuned!


  1. Thank You to all of the fans of both MuggleNet and The Hogwarts Professor for the fantastic support and kind words we have heard over the last 5 years of producing high quality academic lessons. It was an amazing journey that we shared that started during a lunch at Wegman’s in Allentown, PA. A special thank you to all of the Potter Pundits we have shared discussions with over the years as well as the students who took part in the lessons.

    Thank you John, you are forever my very dear friend!

    Keith Hawk

  2. Hey Keith,

    I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

    Either way, happy trails to you, and it’s been a pleasure working with you over the last few years (hell, we even began to agree on stuff towards the end!). Let me know what you’re up to next, and whether I’ll be seeing you at MISTI this year.

    Forever your controversial columnist,

  3. Dear Keith, dear John,
    a big THANK YOU for the wonderful show you brought to our attention all those years. For supporting fans and serious readers alike with knowledgeable guests and material of the highest quality.
    New and better things can only start if old doors were closed beforehand. With this in mind I wish the best for your future projects! Keep on changing the world (which you certainly did for me with Mugglenet Academia)!
    Thanks again,
    yours sincerely,

  4. John and Keith,

    So sorry to hear the discontinuation of Mugglenet Academia. Loved being on the show for ring structure (i.e. ‘There and Back Again: Chiasmus, Alchemy, and Ring Composition in Harry Potter’). Was an honor and loved the hours of insight and information concerning everything Potter. It all has made be a better reader, not only for the Potter series, but for any book.


    J. Steve Lee

  5. John and Keith,

    Thank you for your brilliant work on this podcast. Nearly every day I opened my iTunes to see if there was a new podcast. Now, I will have to content myself to re-runs. But, wow, will I still learn! I am a better reader and person from the lessons you taught on Mugglenet Academia.



  6. Does this mean that we’ll never get to listen to lessons 53 and 54? Oh, bother!

  7. This really tough news to break.

    If there’s a great regret, it’s that a good idea was over all too soon. It’s especially kind of sad when I think of all the potential the podcast had. I’ll admit one thing I was looking forward to was the potential to expand the fan base so that all kinds acclaim could have helped spearhead a new fandom for the “Cormoran Strike” series.

    Still, I’m glad everyone got an opportunity to help give voice to the Potter Series, and it’s underlying complexity. That’s got to count for something in the end.

  8. ashley mullins says

    man this sucks 🙁

  9. Moonflower says

    John & Keith, this is Susan from Omaha…I am feeling lost and bewildered. Is there any chance that you will present at Chestnut Hill this year?

  10. Oh, what a great shame – just when I found a podcast I enjoy, it’s already been taken away.
    Keith and John, please cohost another podcast and bring in special guests. Please!

  11. MugglenetPolitics says


    Perhaps you could write an expose on the politics of Mugglenet that led to your departure and the unfortunate demise of our favorite podcast? Mugglenet seems to have buried the issue and many fans like me are wondering how this could have come to happen.


  12. Keith and John,

    I was beginning to wonder if I would get another episode when I was updating my iPod with the latest Strike novel and checking this website for Strike related posts when I saw this post.

    Thank you for putting out the show and wishing you both the best of luck with future endeavors.

  13. Curtis Aguirre says

    To John, Keith, and all the guests on Academia over the years:

    Thank you for stimulating content, astute analysis, humorous moments, great topics, and all the different elements that made the show so special. I will miss that low grade, “I wonder when the next Academia will come out,” followed by the excited, “there it is!” and the enraptured listening and replaying of certain moments or exchanges. Now what do I do with myself?

  14. Egads! I was just updating my CV with links to the shows I was on, and…and…no! Well, it lives on in my podcast downloads! Every best wish for your future endeavor in Potter punditry, Keith and John.

  15. Nina Benvenuto says

    I am a little late to the game…
    I recently stumbled upon MuggleNet Academia and just finished listening to EVERY episode (except for the Strike spoilers)! Your podcast has had a profound impact on me as a student, a reader, and a person in general. I have even started applying the knowledge gained from this podcast in classes for my degree in social work. I am sad to see it go but will look forward to a possible future project!
    I have officially started reading the Strike novels (so that you would stop yelling at me through my headphones) and I’m OBSESSED.

    Keith, John, and all of the Potter Pundits who put this masterpiece together THANK YOU! I am forever grateful!

    A Very Harry Fan

  16. Thank you, Nina! You made my day.

  17. And here I was, hoping this was just a loooong hiatus!

    Thank you for all the great podcast lessons we got! They absolutely changed my life, which feels a bit dramatic to say, but true all the same. I hope to see more wonderful projects from you guys, whatever it may be!

  18. Episode Six in MuggleNet’s ‘Reading, Writing, Rowling’ podcast is up now! Enjoy!

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