MuggleNet Academia: Can You Learn How to Write Like Rowling? Oh, Yeah!

MuggleNet’s Keith Hawk and I talk with C. S. Plocher of and Christine Frazier of about the magic of J. K. Rowling’s artistry and the ways wannabe writers can imitate her by borrowing tools she uses (and others they’d best avoid). I love the way these ladies think and cannot urge you strongly enough to check out the brilliant things they’ve written about Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and other fiction at their sites.

But first check out this roller coaster ride of a contrarian convention conversation as we discuss influence, allusion, literary alchemy, ring composition, whether Rowling’s hero’s journey is formulaic, Christian symbolism, dialogue, planning vs flying by the seat of your pants, and much more. A Top Ten MNet academia episode for sure!


  1. “Contrarian convention conversation”—I love it!

  2. Kathleen Van Every says

    That was my first thought, too- the use of alliteration! not to mention the ending similarities. I don’t even think there is a grammar term for that. Nice touch.

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