MuggleNet Academia: ‘Getting Serious with Series’ Literature, Conversation with Professor Suzanne Keen about Book Sets, the only other Harry Potter fan site to get the monster ‘hit’ numbers of the Leaky Cauldron, has gone all out in its determination to raise the bar of fandom conversation about the Hogwarts Saga. In a new page they’re calling MuggleNet Academia, they will be featuring interviews with professors, literary critics, even lawyers and translators, to explore, you guessed it, the artistry and meaning of the world’s best selling books. Programs will be podcast and then available as transcribed posts.

I say “they” but “we” is closer to the truth. MuggleNet has invited me to Co-host the Academia podcasts alongside Keith Hawk — and you are welcome to participate as well! Send the pertinent information requested at the programs web page directly to Keith and you can join us as a Guest Host in conversation with the leading lights of the Harry Potter book world.

Please give this month’s Academia installment, the program premiere, a listen — ‘Getting Serious about Series,’ a conversation with Washington & Lee professor (and good friend of this blog) Suzanne Keen about what sort of book(s) the Hogwarts adventures are — and leave your thoughts about the show at MuggleNet or here at HogwartsProfessor. Let the decision makers there know what you like and don’t like — so we can provide more of the former and less of the latter.

What I really want right away, though, are your suggestions about guests you’d like to hear on MuggleNet Academia! Thanks in advance for letting me know your thoughts about the premiere, the concept of the program, and, most pressing, your preferences for future podcast topics and guest experts.

UPDATE: The first program is now available for easy downloading via iTunes

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