MuggleNet Academia: Light Sabres and Wands — Harry Potter Pundits and Star Wars Mavens Discuss the Origins and Influences of One on the Other

Kylo 2 Dr. Amy H. Sturgis, Emily Strand, and Shannen Michaelsen sat down with Keith Hawk and me to discuss the inspirations, influences, and imaginative links joining Harry Potter and Star Wars. Enjoy this wild and wide ranging conversation via the link below!

What’s to talk about? How Star wars helped shaped the imagination that gives us Harry Potter, how Harry Potter’s adventures in turn have influenced The Force Awakens, fan speculation about Kylo Ren playing a ‘deep game’ a la Severus Snape, Rey’s heroine’s journey, why it is a big mistake to think Disney Star Wars I (Episode VII) is just a 21st Century rebooting of 1977’s Episode IV, A New Hope. Did I mention the call to heroism in a clinically depressed culture? The rhyme and rhythm of Star Wars trilogies? Don’t miss this conversation!

And if that is not enough? Check out Dr. Sturgis’ comprehensive talk online about the literary, historical, and cinematic origins of Star Wars: “The Jedi, the Cowboy, and… Thomas Edison? Pulp Science Fiction and Star Wars.” For the shorter version, you can read “Star Wars, Remixed: George Lucas’ universe is a mashup masterwork“(Reason Magazine, January 2016 issue).


  1. Louise Freeman says

    This was a really fun show!

  2. Louise Freeman says

    And it’s not Harry Potter/ Star Wars, but if you want to see Dame Maggie Smith wield a light saber, look here: and

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