Name That JKR Twitter Header Ceiling!

Three Notes for Valentines Day (beyond ‘Will You Be Mine?’):

(1) We have a new header on the Rowling Twitter page. She has written that the headers reflect her current thinking. We cannot speculate with even the pretense of knowing what we’re talking about, though, if we don’t know anything about the picture. This architecture-and-art-history know-nothing asks for your help; do you recognize the ceiling pictured above?

Update: We have a winner! Oxford’s Beatrice Groves has recognized it as “the ceiling of St Mary Undercroft in the Houses of Parliament.

Read all about that sacred space in the locus of UK government here and here.

So, why would Rowling be thinking about St. Mary’s as she finishes up (we pray) the last pages of Lethal White? My fantastical, hope-laden guess is that it is where Cormoran and Big Daddy Rokeby have their third meeting and a confrontation echoing the Black Mass baptism in Goblet’s ‘Little Hanngleton Graveyard. Your thoughts on that stretch?

(2)  Please note that the several controversies celebrated in the Potter blogosphere as Rowling’s liberal children turning against her for supposed failings in principle with respect to LGBTQ+ representation and violence against women have resulted in a net gain of 200,000 twitter followers for The Presence since the crisis began. That mute button she’s pushing seems to be helping her cause.

(3) I never did post anything about the previous header (below) because, well, what was there to be said? Stack of books still-life. Maybe she was writing novels for a change? Let’s hope.  Your best guesses on the old and new Twitter headers are welcome in the comment boxes below!

Update 2: And, hold on, she changed her insert photo on the header in less than a day. We went from sultry goddess to friend-next-door selfie in the blink of an eye. My guess is that the Rowling, Inc., image management team decided now was not the time for evening wear and the 1% look. Good move. Your thoughts?

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