Nativity Concert: St Photios Seminary

The St Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary in Etna, California, serves an Old Calendar Orthodox Christian jurisdiction so today there, as in all the traditional Christian world, is St Spyridon’s Day or 12 December. [St Spyridon is the patron saint of potters, so Potter-philes have another reason to rejoice today regardless of your calendar orientation.] Nativity is celebrated on 25 December, which is 7 January on the profane calendar, and Christmas, the period for celebrating this great Feast Day, is observed for the twelve days between Nativity and Theophany.

Having noted all that, the women at St Photios Seminary, well out in the wilds and woods on the California border with Oregon, perform a Nativity concert during the Phillipian Fast for the local community every year. Seminarians and nuns from the nearby St Elizabeth’s Convent sing traditional carols to edify and entertain their friends and older people in the small town where they live. The virtual concert — California is currently again in a state-mandated lockdown — was recorded and the soundtrack ‘spiced up’ with with some lovely shots of the white Christmas season there taken from a drone camera.

Happy holidays from!

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