New Rowling Twitter Header: What Is It?

Last month’s new Twitter Header was a puzzlerand HogPro All Pros Joanne Gray and Nick Jeffery not only found out in record time what it was (St John’s Gate in Cherkenwell) but Mr Jeffery also nailed in short order the origin of the illustration (Illustrated News of the World, 1859).

This month’s entry is not even a head scratcher; it’s from London’s largest Christmas lights display on Regents Street. You can find more pictures and the story of the Illumined Angels here and here. With Rowling’s super re-touched red-head cameo, this goes on the Top Ten list for most attractive headers she has put up to date.

My safe bet is that, like the demon mask header in October, this month’s picture is a seasonal item for the weeks before Nativity.

A more adventurous guess is that she is writing about the death of a major character in one of the books and screenplays she is writing  –  or about the influence of the dead-who-never-leave-us on events in those stories, potustoronnost in Nabokovian language, and something of a theme in Rowling’s work.

Your thoughts?


  1. Beatrice Groves says

    Like you, I suspect she is just getting in the festive mood. But if it is relevant to what she is writing then it will be FB3 (which she’s just told Twitter she is working on today)!

  2. Melissa Aaron (Moonyprof) says

    Very pretty + phoenix.

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