New Twilight Films Are In The Works – A Feminist Project!

Why do I think this is important news? I have argued in Spotlight and on this site against the tide of critical opinion that Mrs Meyer’s work is feminist. The meme is that her stories, especially the Forks saga, are demeaning to women, that her heroines are blandly submissive and unthinking, and reading about these poor role models will discourage girl readers from being brave and bold.

For why all of that is nonsensical, please read this explanation of why Stephenie Meyer is the Latter-day Saint Kate Chopin. [And then read Spotlight!]

Her efforts to support women in Hollywood, consequently, are best understood, not as a publicity stunt to counter the risible pigeon-holing of her work as anti-feminist, but as work that is consistent with the soul and substance of her written work.

Just sayin.’ For links to stories around the web on this project — and how to vote for your choice — make the jump!

From friend-of-this-blog James, the real Twilight Guy

Here is a Summary of the project in the LA Times:

This was the actual pitch for fan votes and actual submissions to create the films (men need not apply):

The results of the fan-voted characters who the films may be about (Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett…) :

The screenplay details are supposed to be based in content from the Official Guide

And — Public Voting for the Twilight Screenplays is now available online. You can filter the 40 (semi? )finalists by character — 7 for Alice, 8 for Carlisle, etc.

More about the project from TwilightLexicon:

The Lions Gate official’s statement:

“We think Facebook is a great way for us to introduce the world of ‘Twilight’ to a whole new audience while re-energizing existing fans,” Michael Burns, Lions Gate’s vice chairman, said in an interview… “This is the just the beginning — a template, if you will.  You can probably guess what might be coming next.”


  1. Thank, John. Reboot and/or expansion on the way…?

  2. It’s money on the table, James.

    I’m half-convinced that these feminist screenplay and production shorts are just the Hollywood equivalent of foreplay for the Forks Saga Film Franchise audience. Bellandward will be back soon and in full-length pictures. How soon? 2016?

    “This is the just the beginning — a template, if you will. You can probably guess what might be coming next.”

    Not very subtle!

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