Twilight News Site Podcast with John Granger and Elizabeth Baird Hardy: Eclipse and Bree

Last week, John and I had the pleasure of chatting at great length with James over at Twilight News Site, who has now posted the first part of that conversation. It’s a great discussion, if I say so myself, covering everything from the literary and spiritual underpinnings of Eclipse, to history, to Bree Tanner. We had a great time, and we hope you’ll enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed the conversation! The next three parts of the podcast will appear in the coming week, so you’ll have time to make it through each segment at a time. Enjoy!


  1. Arabella Figg says

    I enjoyed this! And great to hear you, Elizabeth. I agree that Eclipse is the best book, too, and almost a stand-alone book in terms of it’s narrative arc. New Moon is still my favorite, but Eclipse has become a very close second. I appreciated the views on how the films stack up to the books and why, as I’m not seeing the films. (Sorry, Elizabeth, I’ll choose The Empire Strikes Back any day!) I look forward to the rest of the podcasts.

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