Newt Scamander Expelled from Hogwarts? New Movie Trailer Reports Dumbledore a Newt Fan and Defender

ChrisC reports, too, that The Presence Herself has been answering questions (sort of) about Newt and Albus via her Twitter feed. Check that out here.

I’m still waiting for Rowling to walk back her use (misappropriation?) of First Nation mythos in her History of North American Magic. But, while waiting for that explanation/apology/generous donation, this trailer actually succeeded in making me curious, almost excited about the coming film. No small feat!

Your thoughts about the trailer? About Newt’s not having graduated though Fantastic Beasts says he did? Any thoughts about DDore’s later choices and friendships in the Hogwarts Saga that might reflect his relationship with the young Newt?


  1. I’m sort of wondering about the spacial dynamics of Newt’s suitcase.

    Does it operate on the same principles like the moving portraits and photos in the wizarding world?

  2. Just found this out.

    Apparently Keith Hawk and a host of others are worried about the question of whether or not “FB” counts as Canon.

    While it’s good to see this kind of attention to story detail on display, I have to admit that right now I’m just not as bothered about this as others.

    Do I think the film should be considered Canon? For the moment, why not? I just never got that out-of-joint vibe I get whenever it feels like certain essential plot details are out of order or else a character is acting “out of character”.

    My thinking right now is that maybe the trilogy will be about how Newt got back into the good graces of the Wizarding World. At least it sounds like a possibility.

    That said, when it comes to fallibility, I’ll admit I see every author (not just JK) as subject to this sort of thing. Everybody gets at least one chance to prove they’re mortal, after all.

    For instance, if Ms. Rowling had gone ahead and ended the Hogwarts series with a Harry/Hermione coupling, then I might have said “Well, this doesn’t end on quite the right note.” Then I would have been left to wonder just what the right artistic note was, or should have been.

    I’m not having this reaction still with the latest “FB” trailer reveal. Maybe Newt is later granted an honorary degree. It’s happened more than once in real life (T.S. Eliot and Inkling member Charles Williams are the two that come to mind), so maybe the same will wind up happening here. The truth is we just won’t know a darn thing until the the premiere. I don’t say that should keep us from speculating, however.

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