On a lighter note… JKR meets Katie Price

Ms. Rowling received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” yesterday and her fifth ‘Nibbie’ at the Galaxy Book Awards last night. It was presented, if I read the story correctly, by no less a personage than the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

It’s hard to take this kind of celebrity event seriously (forgive me) but it was reassuring to see Ms. Rowling and Dr. Murray looked anything but at home on the red carpet. My favorite pictures in the GettyImage collection from the event were the ones of Ms. Rowling with Katie Price (Jordan), both mothers of three children and two of the richest women in the UK.

Would anyone like to supply “thought balloons” or captions for any of the Jordan/JKR photos? After a day with Dostoevsky, we could use a smile. Did Katie Price win a book prize and Achievement Award as well? I wonder if she’ll enter the contest Amazon.com is sponsoring for the opportunity to read Beedle the Bard


  1. Neil Murray looks like a very pleasant person. The photos of him and Ms. Rowling together look like he’s rather amused by the proceedings and she’s wondering how in the WORLD she ended up in her present predicament.

    “Get me out of this!!!” would be a good caption for most of Ms. Rowling’s pictures.

    “I’m not about to fall out of my dress,” would be good for most of the ones of Ms. Rowling and Katie Price (whoever she is).

  2. I just returned from Ireland last week and I remembered seeing this “Jordan” woman plastered on every tabloid rag sold througout the country. Not knowing who she was, I “googled” her when I returned home to the States and found her to be an older version of Brittany Spears. Enough said.

    Poor JKR. To have to pose side-by-side with the likes of Katie Price must have been extremely uncomfortable. It seems the photos accurately captured the awkwardness of the situation!

    Thanks, John, for the chuckle.

  3. Arabella Figg says

    “Mine are bigger than yo-oours!”

    You may assign that to whomever you choose.

    The girl kitties each have eight, but they keep them modestly tucked in their fur…

  4. Hmmmmm….I’ve debated whether to jump into this exercise in observation and assignment and just can’t do better than Arabella on the whole. However, if I were forced to choose a caption, I would say, “Good Posture? Good Grief!”

  5. It happened again! Ms. Rowling rowled out of her dress at the Galaxy Book Awards much as she did in LA last year… Maybe she and Katie Price had something to talk about, after all.

  6. Perhaps Ms. Rowling should re-examine her press photos and consult with a dressmaker about these malfunctions and less-than-flattering frocks! I don’t know how much she paid for these satin creations, but she didn’t get her money’s worth.

    Point to ponder: the gown is only as good as it’s interior construction and the foundation underneath…Rowling has the Pounds to buy the best of both. NO EXCUSES for further embarassments.

  7. Here is a gushing review of Ms. Rowling’s “amazing makeover” by a UK journalist who lives for these transitions with side comments about Katie Price:


    “Cantilevered bosom”? Oi.

    The Katie Price nuptials are reported here:



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