Out the Door to Ascendio 2012! Call for Questions to Ask —

You can read the Press Release for the Conference here — or check out all the wonderful events and talks planned, not to mention my schedule of appearances, here.

God allowing and time permitting, I’ll be sitting down with Lev Grossman, author of The Magician King, and Veronica Roth, girl genius behind the Divergent psychological-archetype dystopias, so if you have questions you want me to ask either one or both, please write them out in the comment boxes below.

I fly back to Oklahoma City on Sunday and give my last ‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Potter’ talk, this one about Deathly Hallows, all of which we hope will soon be available at Youreeeka.com. More on that and Leaky Con and my meeting with serious readers at the Wade Center and the fun had by everyone at Ascendio when I’ve recovered from the trip and talks myself!

Until then, Professor Baird-Hardy has the helm of the Flagship HogwartsProfessor. See you soon — especially those friends coming to Orlando Furioso this weekend!


  1. Janice Hill says

    Please ask Ms. Roth about her choice of personality traits to create the 5 factions. Since my college psychology was LONG ago, I googled 5 personality traits. Apparently, 5 is considered the appropriate number. The direct coorelation of trait to faction was not so clear to me. I just wondered about her thinking. I got to talk to her when she visited a local bookstore in June. At that point I was curious about the references to faith in the novel. Those are usually omitted entirely in dystopian fiction. I also thought (in light of that) that the division of labor and responsibilities fit nicely with 1Cor. 12. I think that was more my idea than hers. Have a great time. I think I’m going to start saving to make it there next year. It sounds like too much fun. Janice Hill

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