Picture of Rowling Original Potter Notes Released

The notes pictured at the “I Am Bored” website are described as “JK Rowling`s Notes For The Potter Series [Pic]. It`s the original hand-written plot points for the Harry Potter book series. She had everything planned far in advance.”

Forgive me, but even a cursory look at the notes shows they are a time-line and plot-point progression for Order of the Phoenix rather than the series. Of course, it could be the Phoenix page of a larger set of notes.

Does anyone know how these notes came to the surface for internet posting? I’m curious if this is a trend or an isolated release. (Hat tip to James!)

Update: The page is originally from Ms. Rowling’s web site, one of the “extras” you can find if you tickle the pear or know the password to get in. The Harry Potter Lexicon spells it all out here with a very helpful transcript page, to boot. (Hat tip again to James!) Be sure to scroll up to see all the goodies available from the Rowling archives — lots of doodles and drawings! It’s a trend, not an isolated release.


  1. I followed the links to the HP lexicon site and was able to jump through the hoops on Jo’s site to see it for myself. I found it very interesting. It looked like the Harry’s group was originally going to be called the Order of the Phoenix instead of Dumbledore’s Army. 🙂

  2. I really love that pice of paper. You can see how the story was in JK’s mind and how it changed. For example, Dumbledore’s Army was the original name for the OotP and vice versa!

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