Pictures from Ring Talk in NYC: TGTSNBN!

I look a little crazy in these photographs, but, in my defense, it was an exciting night; the combination of a phenomenal venue (check out the Samsung Experience wall-screen), perhaps the most knowledgeable Harry Potter fan group of significant size — The Group That Shall Not Be Named, NYC’s Rowling Society, and a mind-blowing topic overwhelmed me at times. Seeing two rows of beautiful readers wearing red bow ties in the front of the audience may have contributed to the madness, too.

I promised TGTSNBN that, if they listened closely, they would never think of any of the Potter books or the series the same way again — that they would now be tempted to read the books from the middle out rather than front to back and that the Deathly Hallows symbol, Moody’s trunk, and Harry’s round glasses would have entirely new meaning to them. Jonathon Rosenthal, the Group’s leader, wrote today that I didn’t over-promise, as hard as that may be to believe:


Thank you again for another fantastic lecture. The gasps in the audience might not have been audible but they were mental. Our members are still talking about how they can’t read the books the same way again. They also can’t look at the DH symbol the same way either :)

Another audience member wrote:

Tonight’s lecture was brilliant, intriguing, thought-provoking, mentally stimulating–shall I go on?. I could listen to John Granger talk on JKR’s writing forever Now let’s get those books on Kindle!!

—–Hedwig the Owl

I’m putting together a transcript of the talk with all the charts and graphs I mention in it for my speaking tour this month and next, about which more later. I really cannot wait to share this with you, but I will. and, yes, eventually it will be on Kindle, too.

Many thanks to Jon, to Brett Kendall of and Fordham University, and to TGTSNBN for a great night of Potter conversation and ideas! I’m already looking forward to Aeternitas 2011.


  1. A little crazy?! With that beard, Professor Dude, you look like an American Rasputin at times! And, of course, it must be due to all that HP stuff! It’s affected your mind!!!

    Is there a secret recording of the lecture that is accessible to those of us unable to hear and witness your scintillating seriousness?


  2. John, the beard is an interesting addition!

    And I have to agree, the photos do make it look like a high-caffeine day.

    The venue was interesting-looking – looks like some sort of media studio facility.

    Most importantly, when will your talk be published in some form? It sounds like the sort of material that would go into the updated version of “Unlocking”.

  3. Wow. Wish I could have been there. But alas, I live on the wrong coast.

  4. stephanie Huff says

    Where do I get your notes about the rings. Iheard you mention it to another lady Monday night, but I didn’t hear all of it.

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