Potter Blotter: Interview and Discussion

I had a long and wonderful talk yesterday with Maria Elena Baca at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. She posted excerpts from this conversation, largely about the morality of the books, on her weBlog, the Potter Blotter, this morning. It’s worth reading largely because of the nasty response it drew immediately from an atheist (self-proclaimed) saying the Harry Potter books couldn’t be considered Christian per se or anything more than generically mythological or moral.

I disagreed, which I suppose you might have guessed.


  1. You disagreed, John? Hmmm, no surprise there. LOL

    It’s a very interesting interview and the comments are interesting as well. Thanks for the link.


  2. Of course you really can’t get out of a book any more than you’re willing to put into it. I don’t mean that we Christians are imagining the Christian morality of these books; it is there, as it was there in The Lord of the Rings. It’s a bit like those dwarfs in the final Narnia book, though, sitting in the light and seeing only darkness. You must be open to the experience.

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