Potter Pundits Poll: Please Participate!

Travis Prinzi, James Thomas, and I record podCasts once or twice a month for The Leaky Cauldron’s ‘PotterCast.’ They call these segments ‘The Potter Pundits’ because we explore the artistry and meaning of Harry Potter from a literary angle. The segments we have done have gone over very well, if I say so myself; we get a lot of positive feedback from TLC and from listeners. I have to admit, though, that I’d do it even if Fandom gave the shows a rousing raspberry because the shows for me are a wonderful opportunity and excuse every month to get together via Skype and talk with two thoughtful, funny, and eloquent readers, both of whom I wish lived next door.

The Potter Pundit parts of PotterCast are a sufficiently big deal that that show segment has its own website, PotterPundits.com, and a Facebook page. I kid you not. We’ve talked about Luna Lovegood, the Gothic elements in Harry Potter (with guest Pundit, Dr. Amy H. Sturgis), and most recently, Christmas at Hogwarts (#211).

But why do I bring this up?

The Leaky Cauldron gives out awards at the end of the year named, not surprisingly, ‘The Leaky Awards.’ The Potter Pundits segments of PotterCasts have been nominated for a Leaky Award in the category, ‘Favorite Leaky Moment 2009.’ When I first heard about the nomination last week (and saw the competition), I thought the race in this category was for second place because LeakyCon 2009 was nominated as well. I was at that show in Boston and it was a WOW; I assumed it would crush the category competition.

But, remarkably, TLC fans have been voting for Potter Pundits and it is a neck and neck race. If you have enjoyed the Potter Pundits segments, please participate in this end-of-year polling and give us your vote. It would be the perfect touch to a fun year of podCasting with James and Travis to have the TwiWizard Cup replica on the mantelpiece. The ‘Favorite Leaky Moment 2009’ voting place is #13 in a list of 15 categories so scroll down the page until you find it. Or just follow this link for direct voting (and check out the cool map displaying national vote distribution!).

Thanks in advance if you find the time today to vote!


  1. Thank you, Dr. Sturgis, for the shout-out at Decorating Middle Earth in Early Lovecraft!

  2. Done.

    The map is cool, but can I just say that it’s kind of creepy that it know I’m in Washington. Or at least I assume that it does, since it has a line above the map that says something about seeing how people are voting in Washington and then says there are 25 votes from there. (Unfortunately, it shows as a Leaky Con state, but. . .)

    Happy New Year, everyone.


  3. Arabella Figg says

    It’s purple now! I agree, Pat. It was creepy to see my state. Big Brother is watching YOU! :-0

  4. Done. I am happy to report that all the states I have lived in over the last 5+decades are solidly in the purple.

    I only cast one vote. I am independent.

  5. Arabella Figg says

    Congratulations, Potter Pundits, for winning!

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