PotterMore No More! And So What?

PotterMore.com is now WizardingWorld.com which is the name change covering a host of new online fandom fun from ‘Wizarding World Digital.’ The short story? JKR, Inc., is monetizing PotterMore at long last. Here is the official announcement:

Wizarding World Digital today announces the launch of The Official Harry Potter Fan Club, which can be experienced through the first ever Wizarding World app – a Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts mobile companion, and new, interactive Wizarding World website. Whether you’ve considered Hogwarts a home for over 20 years, or you’ve only recently been bewitched by a Niffler, everyone can now immerse themselves in the ever-expanding magical universe in new and innovative ways.

The Wizarding World app allows users to discover which house they belong to with a re-imagining of the famous Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony, featuring J.K. Rowling’s original questions and a new augmented reality Sorting Hat, whilst those fans that have been previously sorted can reaffirm their house pride. The new app is also packed with fresh content including exclusive videos, interactive quizzes and Secret Codes, plus the new fanzine ‘Wizarding Weekly’, putting the best of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts right at your fingertips.

WizardingWorld.com – the new online home of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts is where fans can enjoy all they loved from Pottermore.com, but with a trunk full of original content and new interactive experiences. Delve deeper into the stories you love, get behind-the-scenes details and enjoy all your favorites from J.K Rowling’s archive of writing for Pottermore.

Accessible through both the app and the website, fans will be able to join The Official Harry Potter Fan Club for free. This will provide them with curated experiences from the Wizarding World, including an official Fan Club newsletter and member benefits. And soon, fans will have the option to enhance their membership experience with Wizarding World Gold, a yearly paid subscription that comes with a unique, annual gift and is packed with exclusives and special offers – all of the magic you love and more!

All these great experiences and features can be unlocked by registering for a personalised Wizarding Passport which is a fan’s magical identity and holds their defining traits such as their Hogwarts house, Patronus and Wand.

Paul Kanareck, Managing Director of Wizarding World Digital says: ‘The Harry Potter global phenomenon continues to be loved by fans of all ages – from the millions of people who discover the books for the first time to those who explore the movies, audiobooks, stage play, visitor attractions and games each year. We have a wonderful opportunity to create new experiences including a fan club for the digital age, which offers an amazing breadth of content and new interactive platforms that will give our fans around the world a truly connected experience across the Wizarding World universe.’

The Wizarding World app, available with the newly reimagined Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony can be downloaded today for free in the initial launch territories on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Selected features will also be hosted globally online at WizardingWorld.com for fans who cannot access the app at this stage.

As with the Cursed Child logo being brought into line with the published books and released films, this consolidation of PotterMore into the Wizarding World, Inc., monolith is just about making a loss-leader that sustains fan interest into a bona fide money maker, the aptly named ‘Wizarding World Gold.’ I am surprised only that it took them this long to monetize their principal web site, that so much of the content will still be free, and that anyone begrudges Rowling and her minions the Galleons of global gold they’ll be depositing in Gringotts for decades.

Your thoughts?


  1. Kelly Loomis says

    I don’t begrudge Rowling reaping the monetary rewards of her world. However, any content is getting further away from her control. For this I am cautious. Warner Brothers have butchered her HP stories, in my opinion, in their adaptations. And what is supposedly original content from Rowling in the FB films has been influenced by studio execs along with director and producers.

    I understand the desire to up the glitz and professionalism of the site and new app for younger audiences but I miss the original website Rowling had. I did the new sorting quiz and it was difficult for this old person having to turn and tilt and manipulate my phone just to get to other possible answers. It was annoying!

    I don’t think I’ll trust any different or new content which comes from the site.

  2. Brian Basore says

    It isn’t even news. This was a subject on this blog:The Pottermore/Wizarding World Merger, May 14, 2019.

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