Prisoner of Azkaban: Whole Book O. W. L.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Whole Book O.W.L.

A. Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.” (50 points)

1. _____ Ron and Harry treat Hermione as a traitor when she tells Professor McGonagall about the Firebolt Harry receives for Christmas and even after Hagrid tells them off for being more concerned for things than friends.

2. _____ Snape assigns an essay about recognizing werewolves – and Lupin cancels this assignment and asks his class to write a paper about vampires.

3. _____ Concealed by his Invisibility Cloak, Harry throws snowballs at Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle in Hogsmeade near the Shrieking Shack. Ron and Hermione look on, laughing, until the Cloak slips and Malfoy sees Harry’s head.

4. _____ Ron defeats his Acromantula-boggart by hitting it with a “Ridikulus!” charm while imagining it wearing roller skates.

5. _____ Harry receives his Sneak-o-scope from Ron as a birthday present. The owl carrying it almost expires after bringing it from Egypt to Privet Drive.

6. _____ Harry learns that a criminal named Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban on Muggle television, he overhears the Weasleys talking about Sirius in The Leaky Cauldron, but doesn’t learn “the truth” about Sirius until he hides under a table at The Three Broomsticks.

7. _____ The Knight Bus delivers Harry (“Neville Longbottom”) to The Leaky Cauldron where Harry has to stay inside until school starts. He get The Monster Book of Monsters while staying there and has to wrestle it before tieing it up with its straps.

8. _____ Ron outscores Harry and Hermione on Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts Practical exam because Hermione’s boggart, Professor McGonagall, scares her senseless by saying she’s failed all her tests.

9. _____ Buckbeak saves Harry and Hermione from the Lupin-werewolf in the Forbidden Forest but Harry saves himself from the Dementors by traveling back in time and using the Patronus spell to drive them away from Sirius and himself.

10. _____ Lupin’s three best friends in school learned how to become Animagi so they could “play” with him when he became a werewolf. The four friends invented the Marauder’s Map: Loony, Prongs, Padfoot, and Wormtail.

B. Discussion Points

Discuss (a) the similarities with and departures from the story formulas and arc of the first two books, (b) how Prisoner of Azkaban differs in impact post Deathly Hallows from your first reading(s), and (c) what place this book has in the series as a whole.


  1. 1.T/F, 2.T, 3.F, 4.F, 5.T,

    6.F, 7.F, 8.F, 9.F, 10.T

    Please share your conclusions about Prisoner here; for my opinions, see the comments I’ve written after the previous quizzes in answer to these questions and my discussion of Prisoner in How Harry Cast His Spell: The Meaning Behind the Magic (Tyndale, 2008).

  2. 1. T 2. F 3. F (This only happened in the movie; in the book, only Ron was there and it was springtime and Harry threw mud at the Slytherin gang) 4. F (He takes off it’s legs; in the movie, he gives it rollar skates) 5. T 6. T/F (Depends on the truth you mean: while he is dangerous or why Sirius may be after Harry) 7. F (Hagrid gives the book to Harry as a birthday present and it arrives while Harry is still with the Dursleys.) 8. F (Harry gets the highest marks in the class) 9. T/F (Buckbeak saves them in the movie when Hermione does her wolf call, but Harry does go and performs the Patronus charm to protect himself and Sirius from the Dementors) 10. F (It’s Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs)

    I love POA!!!!

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