Putin and Dobby: Separated at Birth?

I frequently joke in my talks about how much Vladimir Putin looks like Dobby the house-elf — and share as an aside that this has been the subject of some conversation and controversy in Russia since the premiere of the Chamber of Secrets movie. For those skeptical or just curious about this possibility, I urge a trip to this ‘Duck of Minerva’ post on the subject. I hope those who check it out will share their reflections here.


  1. I must say that was odd. The resemblance is actually uncanny. I don’t know if there is anything deeper there. It might be a blow to the country that their most powerful autocrat is a house elf, although not as much a blow now that Dobby wasn’t in the series just for comic relief. I agree with the blog author that I don’t think it’s some Hollywood/WB conspiracy to undermine Putin by making him look like Dobby. Just a strange coincidence.

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