‘Reading, Writing, Rowling’ Podcast — Hogwarts Professors in Roanoke!

Kathryn McDaniel’s new podcast at MuggleNet.com ‘Reading, Writing, Rowling: Imagination and Fiction in the Age of Harry Potter’ is available today! Her first show features the four HogwartsProfessors — John Granger, Louise Freeman, Elizabeth Baird-Hardy, and Emily Strand — and Lana Whited, the Minister of Magical Education at the Roanoke Potter Festival, published Potter Pundit of renown, and professor at Ferrum College. We got together the night before the Roanoke Festival to talk about our ‘Top Twenty Moments’ from the series in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Philosopher’s Stone‘s publication.

Professor Strand made a delightful short video of the recording session, a Potter Postcard,  you can watch here — or just jump right in to the podcast fun! Be sure to subscribe to ‘Reading, Writing, Rowling’; Katy has already recorded two more shows with me as sidekick that have delightful guests and first class conversation about Harry Potter. Leave a comment below and thanks in advance for sharing the link on your preferred social media portal!

A big thank you to Amy at MuggleNet, to Travis Prinzi and Emily Strand for the music, and to Emma Nicholson for editing the show and writing the beautiful theme song lyrics! Woot!

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