Reading, Writing, Rowling: The Movies!


Janet Batchler teaches a ‘wow’ course at the University of Southern California on the Harry Potter film adaptations. Prof Batchler is an award winning screenplay writer and certified Potter Pundit (and a friend of this blog from way, way back!). Listen to her discuss the class she teaches, the highs and lows of the Hogwarts movies, and about adaptations of books in general with Reading, Writing, Rowling hostess Katy McDaniel and guests Elizabeth Baird-Hardy, this site’s Deputy Head Mistress, and Kat Sas. 

FYI, I was asked to participate but politely declined as I am not a fan of movies in general or these film-adaptations in particular. I am such a Batchler fan, though, that I can say I suggested the idea of the show and know it is a great one! Enjoy!

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