Requiescat in Pace: Doris Day

My mother died in 2006. Looking through her effects, I found photo albums from her childhood. Almost all the pictures were of family and school. One page, though, was devoted to a celebrity. Doris Day visited Philadelphia and she traveled as a young teen in the late 1940’s from her Mainline hamlet into the big city to see what was obviously a promotional gig for a movie. There must have been hundreds of such star-turns in her youth. Doris Day was the only one she went to see and capture on her brownie Kodak camera.

The Harry Potter connection? Not much, obviously. But here’s the late Doris Day, nee Kappelhoff, singing “It’s Magic” from her first film appearance, ‘Romance on the High Seas,’ 1949. She lived a long and apparently unhappy life. May she rest in peace — and be remembered for the musical and silver screen magic she brought into people’s lives.

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