Research Says… Reading Fantasy Makes Us Happy Wizards!

Start your 2012 out right! Resolve to read about Harry and Edward (or Bilbo and Batman?) at least one more time in the New Year — 10 (Research-Tested) New Year’s Resolutions, Culled from the Work of University at Buffalo Faculty

Resolution #6 – ‘Read More Fantasy to Combat Loneliness.’

Reading fantasies like the popular “Twilight” vampire series or the Harry Potter collection of novels helps to satisfy a need for human connection, according to the research of UB associate professor of psychology Shira Gabriel, PhD, and graduate student Ariana Young. When we become engrossed in fictional narratives we feel close to others in the comfort of our own space and at our own convenience, their research shows. “In our subjects, this led to a reported increase in life satisfaction and positive mood, which are two primary outcomes of belonging,” Gabriel says.’

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