Rowling Library #29: Rowling Forgeries

The Rowling Library online magazine is a delight and I always find something in it that I enjoy. Check out to download your copy.

This month’s issue feaures a story about the business of selling Harry Potter books with forged J. K. Rowling signatures. I don’t own one and I have never been tempted to buy one (I do own an unopened Amazon overnight box from 2007 with a mint copy of Deathly Hallows inside I may ask the Presence to autograph should I ever be found worthy of a visitation but that’s as far as my interest goes). And I still found the article fascinating.

If you don’t subscribe — it is free and they only ask for Patreon support if you are so moved — you’re missing out on some fun and some decent articles thoughtfully laid out. Contribute $2 a month and get three issues of the Daily Prophet each week. Highly Recommended.


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