Rowling Still Working on Beasts3 Script

Eddie Redmayne told a reporter at the Toronto Film Festival last week that “the script is still being worked on.”

ET Online: Do you have a Fantastic Beasts 3 update for us?
Eddie Redmayne: We’re meant to start shooting in the beginning of next year. The script is still being worked on. There’s nothing – I’m literally giving you nothing!

I’m trying to do that thing of talking about it and saying nothing, because of the fear of getting told off. But no, it’s happening, and it’s really exciting.

The man sounds positively petrified of saying something he shouldn’t (or is that just his response to a reporter asking him about a film other than the one he is supposed to be talking about?). Regardless of Redmayne, we now have to add that answer to the pile of possible answers to the question, “What is The Presence doing if she’s not tweeting every day?” The speech for the Robert Kennedy Do-Gooder Award ceremony in December can’t be a full time job, can it?

For those of you following the Beasts film franchise, the good news is that Redmayne’s comments do not suggest any delays in the filming or release dates for Beasts3. That last is a year after the elections here in the US… (did you know that Moaning Myrtle’s real name is ‘Elizabeth Warren’?)

In more exciting news. here is the trailer for the film Fast Eddie was in Toronto to promote, The Aeronauts, an historical fiction due in theaters or via Amazon Prime this December.


  1. Kelly Loomis says

    She’s been re-working it forever! What in the world is she doing?

  2. I think a better question than “What in the world is she doing?” is “What is she being told to do to her original story idea?”

    I think it credible at this point that Rowling’s story as planned for five parts has been scrapped and her new plan will have been shaped in part or en toto with respect to blockbuster film formula and Warner Brothers demands.

  3. I just wish a reporter would have the wit to ask follow up questions (but that would require actually knowing something about the subject being discussed)–but he should have asked when was the last time Eddie talked to her and if he was sure she was still at work on it?

    I confess I was totally depressed by this piece of news. If she hasn’t been working on the 5th Strike book during this last year–then I have to wonder how many years it will be between Strike book 4 and 5? The 3 years between book 3 and 4 seemed forever but 1 year will already be down and counting on Sept. 18, 2019 and we still have no idea where she is on any progress with book 5. In fact they haven’t been giving any updates on even Fantastic Beasts until now (although, I’m really hoping Eddie was wrong about her still working on FB3!!)

  4. Ah, let’s remember the parallels between the Strike and Potter series.

    The first four Potter novels came out in successive years; if not a Christie at Christmas it was a Hogwarts treat for the summer holidays.

    And then there was the ‘three year summer’ between ‘Goblet’ and ‘Phoenix.’

    Just sayin’!

  5. Kelly Loomis says

    John, I’m wondering if the five film plan is still there? And given her structure in writing that you have so faithfully tutored us about, what happens if the studio says 4 films instead of 5 giving us an even number? Or…heaven forbid…wrap it up in 3???

    I’m guessing she may have wished she never signed up for this gig by the time it’s over. What, of her original plan and story, will remain?

  6. Kelly, these are questions the answers to only our children or grandchildren will know, which is to say, God granting The Presence a long life, the critical biography written after her death (and the repose of her spouse and children?) in which we will learn such things is many decades off.

    We will, of course, know how many films the series winds up being but none of the machinations and recriminations and charity along the way to their being filmed. Or none that we can be confident are not predominantly spin.

    So kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride! It won’t hurt to continue hoping that Rowling, Inc., and the Hollywood decision makers eventually realize the winning formula is ‘Rowling novel followed by screen adaptation’ rather than ‘Rowling screenplay butchered by director,’ but best not to pin your heart to those hopes.

  7. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    What about the possibility of an analogue of ‘director’s cut’ in the form of ‘Rowling novels following movies’?

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