Salman Rushdie and Son Quiz JKR 2006

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Salman and Milan Rushdie: Hello. We are Salman and Milan Rushdie (crowd applauds). Umm –

JK Rowling: I’m not that sure this is fair (crowd laughs). I think you might be better at guessing plots than most. But anyway, off you go.

Salman and Milan Rushdie: We are 9 and 59. And one of us is good at guessing plots, not me. And this is really Milan’s question and it’s kind of a follow up to the previous one.

JK Rowling: Alright. Okay.

Salman and Milan Rushdie: Until the events of Volume 6, it was always made plain that Snape might have been an unlikable fellow but he was essentially one of the good guys (crowd screams approval).

JK Rowling: I can see this is the question you all really want answered.

Salman and Milan Rushdie: Dumbledore himself – Dumbledore himself had always vouched for him.

JK Rowling: Yes.

Salman and Milan Rushdie: Now we are suddenly told that Snape is a villain and Dumbledore’s killer.

JK Rowling: Un hunh.

Salman and Milan Rushdie: We cannot, or don’t want to believe this (crowd laughs). Our theory is that Snape is in fact, still a good guy (crowd applauds). From which it follows that Dumbledore can’t really be dead and that the death is a ruse cooked up between Dumbledore and Snape to put Voldemort off his guard so that when Harry and Voldemort come face to face (crowd laughs). Harry may have more allies than he or Voldemort suspects. So, is Snape good or bad? (crowd laughs, applauds and screams and Jo chuckles). In our opinion, everything follows from it.

JK Rowling: Well, Salman, your opinion, I would say is … right. But I see that I need to be a little more explicit and say that Dumbledore is definitely … dead (crowd gasps). And I do know – I do know that there is an entire website out there that says – that’s name is so umm, I’d imagine they’re not pretty happy right now (crowd laughs). But I think I need – you need – all of you need to move through the five stages of grief (crowd laughs), and I’m just helping you get past denial. So, I can’t remember what’s next. It may be anger so I think we should stop it here. Thank you (crowd applauds).

I think Rowling’s immediate recognition of Salman Rushdie suggests strongly that she had met him previously, had been told he would be in the queue of ‘civilians’ asking questions (rather than on-stage with the authors; Stephen King and John Irving read that night as well), or both. My guess is “both,” and that Rowling’s acquaintance with Rushdie and his son, perhaps even her friendship with the man, is additional reason for her fears consequent to the knife attack in upstate New York — at an author event without evident security akin to the 2006 Radio City event.

Many thanks and a hat-tip to Amnon Halel, a first rank Potter Pundit and long-time friend of this weblog, for the links to the video and transcript above. 

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