Sayers and Lewis Productions to Enjoy and Anticipate

I know next-to-nothing about stage drama or film artistry but I do know that I enjoy a good play or movie. Productions of two works by authors that influenced Ms. Rowling mightily, Dorothy Sayers and C. S. Lewis, are making news — and one is “running” now on your computer via the Internet!

The Man Born to Be King is being presented in twelve parts on BBC7 which you can listen to via the Internet. Anyone savvy enough to explain how to do so in real time (vs GMT) please explain in the comment boxes. [Thank you, Robert Trexler, for this link!]

Trusty Johnny at Sword of Gryffindor supplies not only with a link to the just released Prince Caspian movie trailer from Disney/Walden Media, but also two or three of Ms. Rowling’s interview comments about her admiration for Lewis and especially his Narnia work.

Please share below what you think of the BBC production of King and the Walden Caspian trailer.


  1. Looks like Disney/Walden Media has invested the same high quality talent in the making of *Prince Caspian* as in *Chronicles..* The CG work is fabulous! Let’s hope the story is true to the book.

    I was intrigued by the comments, as well. The following in particular:

    revgeorge Says:
    December 6th, 2007 at 2:20 pm
    Well, there are the obvious comparisons. Neither one cares for their nephew. But Uncle Vernon is not a murderer like Miraz is. Miraz killed his brother & then all of his brother’s supporters or exiled them. Vernon lets Harry live with them by virtue of Petunia’s insistence that this be the case.

    This may not be the place to post my thoughts (I apologize, John) but I was struck by the fact that, in his own way, Uncle Vernon could very easily have been considered a murderer of sorts. He tried to kill the wizard in Harry; not telling the truth about James’ and Lily’s deaths, denying Harry a real childhood with love…you get my drift.

  2. That trailer looks great. I also heartily recommend their fan art page, because the artwork is amazingly beautiful. 🙂

    I don’t know if this will get reviewed soon enough, but Man born to be King will be on soon– at 4.15 EST. To get to EST, subtract 5 from GMT.

    it’s a bit interesting how different the views on Lewis are from Rowling to Pullman. I think Pullman has some valid critiques, but my regard for Lewis is much closer to Rowling’s.


  3. JohnABaptist says

    To listen to “The Man Born To Be King” on your schedule, you may
    go here any time in the next 5 days and play the first episode at your leisure. As time passes, you can use the arrows at the top of the page to pickup the next episodes. When each starts, you get the last couple of minutes of the previous show, and then a coming attractions, and then into the show.

    The episodes download as real audio .ram files and presumably can be saved as long as you wish. You will need the RealPlayer application to play it.

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