‘Secret History of the Wizarding Phenomenon’ Available At Last!

I don’t know when exactly TheRowlingLibrary.com (TRL) came into existence, but I know that I wonder how Rowling’s serious readers lived before it did. I know that few people in the third generation of Potter Punditry have helped and challenged the first and second generation holdovers and the contemporary scene of scholars and fandom as has TRL editor Patricio Tarantino.  His online magazine and website are invaluable resources and delightful collections of ideas and information.

And now TRL is publishing books! Their first is Secret History of the Wizarding Phenomenon by Patricio Tarantino himself. We will be publishing reviews here as soon as our copies arrive; you can order yours on Amazon today. So get to it!

Here is what Secret History is all about:

Based on original research and exclusive interviews, this book tells the story of how the Harry Potter books, movies, theme parks, fandom and more were created. Including the creative processes, the marketing aspect, and the legal issues that arose, this publication aims to be a behind-the-scenes of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

With the testimony of editors, artists, publicists, and producers, Secret History of the Wizarding Phenomenon features rare facts and oddities from the publication of the books and the making of the films that changed and connected the lives of millions.

For those who grew up with Harry Potter, this book will spark memories of the early days. For those who are just discovering the franchise, this book will take you on a journey to understand the widespread popularity of the boy wizard.

From an idea on a train to one of the biggest franchises in the world, this is the tale of how J.K. Rowling, alongside publishing houses, production companies and creative teams, made Harry Potter the phenomenon that it is today.


  1. Nick Jeffery says

    Thank you John and thank you Patricio! My copy is on order and I am eagerly awaiting it.

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