Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer #2 – Three Quick Notes about New Preview

Three quick notes:

(1) Two Thumbs Up. Great trailer! I’ll be there on opening day to watch this one. It looks like there will be plenty of ‘car chases,’ CGI special effects, and Jacob Kowalski comic moments — everything that promises another Aeschylean drama from the world’s most popular and challenging writer! Sarcasm aside, though it is only an advertisement designed to titillate interest and put butts in theater seats, I’m hopeful that Part 3 will be less the butchered version of Rowling’s screenplay to fit the “dress” of blockbuster formula that the first two films obviously were.

(2) Did anyone notice any Fantastic Beasts? I think the thesis that the “beasts” of the franchise title are less the CGI anthropomorphic characters than the “beasts within” the human beings who are in turn allegorical figures will gain traction with the third installment. We’ve seen the Niffler and Bowtruckle in previous trailers and hints of the phoenix, but this latest packaging of highlights downplays the magizoologist aspect of the series. I guess it wasn’t polling well while interest in the human characters continues to climb…

(3) The Dragon and Phoenix: The repeated shots from the scene of Dumbledore and Grindelwald in heated conversation and wand-drawing for battle suggest that Lana Whited’s discussion in her ‘Here There be Dragons (and Phoenixes)’ posts will be in play in Secrets of Dumbledore. Rowling’s psychomachia in her Fantastic Beasts franchise is the soul and its Jungian shadow, the phoenix and dragon, of Albus and Gellert, “closer than brothers,” and the war within every human soul between light and darkness, cf. the Obscurus/Obscurial theme with Credence/Aurelius and the conflict between the Scamander brothers as this series’ Peter and John. I anticipate that the characters in Beasts3 will take on only slightly less transparent allegorical roles of the various human faculties than those we saw in the interior drama exteriorized in Christmas Pig’s Palace of Power voting.

Your comments and corrections are coveted, as always.


  1. Jan Voetberg says

    There is even a third trailer now: the Japanese one. As now can be seen on MuggleNet. Also several pages of the accompanying book are now online: more to discover!

  2. Here is a link to the HogwartsProfessor article on the Japanese trailer.

    To which “accompanying book” are you familiar?

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