‘Seven Keys to Harry Potter’ Tonight!

As my swan song to Potter Pundits Summer School, I’ll be giving a free talk on the Seven Keys to Harry Potter tonight at 7 pm Central time via WebinarJam.

I’d love it if you could join me! Sign up here.

See you tonight!

John, in haste

Post: Please post the webinar link on your FaceBook and social media portals if you have a moment — thanks!

Post2: If you missed the sign up for Summer School, here is a direct link to the classroom:  https://potterpundits.com/summer-school-video-4/. I’ll leave the classes up until midnight Sunday in case you want to watch or download the transcripts and other materials!


  1. So, as a blind user, a little more feedback from my end :

    Set-up: I don’t have a smartphone with an unlimited data plan, a computer with an up-to-date OS, and encounters with That most currently popular of social portals is a navigating nightmare. So what is this squibb to do? Some thoughts for the similarly equipped I submit here:

    Good news: It all still works, so don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility.

    Blindness for beginners: (Well, for this one anyway.) I can’t see where things are, I can only remember where they were. This usually means I need to encounter an entire page before use. Fortunately, my web reader will read the entire page as it comes up. Headers/Titles, seperators, form fields, and buttons are the most commonly useful of keyboard shortcuts; however, links must be navigated sequentially each and every time-uggh.

    For those that might be interested in sharing in this experience,: Turn on/up the computer’s volume to a comfortable level, type the following url https://www.nvaccess.org/ into your browser, Install the application. High-light the shortcut then place a sheet of paper over your screen, then start the program and listen. Initial navigation is had using the tab and arrow keys. This web reader is an open-source project and was developed by blind programmers for the blind. The reader is donation-ware, so you may select the option to try it without obligation. This suggestion is for educational purposes only and I have no affiliation with this organization. BTW: hit the control key at anytime to stop the reader’s voicing when you need to do some thinking.

    For the team: Please incorporate date/tine stamps as part of a link’s descriptive name; especially, when it comes to scheduled events. Without this reference, things can get a little disconcerting and is helpful in knowing if a linked event has already past.

    My experience: What a jet-wash of info but whatever sticks is the place from which you will grow. The Summer School format was very much like vocational training in style-no messing about in presentation hence, all those pdf’s, and I am expecting the course, even at lecture level, to be just as invigorating, even turbulent. Still have that web reader installed? Let it read those PDF documents to you if your learning style is more aural than visual.

    I know, even if the Knuts needed to sit along the edges with the Weasleys, is just not a current option, we do have a hint in the last public video-Dante. Those books, mimmeographs, and notes about The Divine Comedy may be long gone but there is the interweb. Find a lecture whose presenter makes sense to you to get acquainted or re-acquainted with this work. While not a substitute for direction, it can help keep you growing while awaiting the next round of course offerings. No, I don’t work for Professor Granger nor do I even have clearance to help Filtch afterwards, its just a Huff trait.

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