Shared Text: Emma Watson Tops ‘Sexiest Stars’ List

The Telegraph reported today that Emma Watson was named the World’s Sexiest  Film Actress. It was their excuse for compiling all their best pictures of the young actress. For the story and the Top Ten list itself, check out the BBC.

I’m putting this news under ‘Shared Text’ for three reasons which I’ll offer as questions or observations:

(1) Without looking it up, name more than one movie in which Emma Watson appears whose title does not begin with the three words ‘Harry Potter and.‘ Draw your own conclusion.

(2) Scarlett Johansson came in second — the woman Esquire has twice named ‘The Sexiest Woman Alive’ — and Jennifer Lawrence was third. Just sayin.’

(3) Scroll through the Watson fashion pictures at the Telegraph compilation. Try not to think of the words ‘cute’ or ‘pixie’ or ‘trying too hard.’  Then read today’s Shoe comic strip:

I have to assume that, no matter how I put this, I will be assumed to be insulting the undeniably talented, intelligent, and attractive Emma Watson. So be it. Let me be brief then with my Shared Text assertion that I think stands without argument.

Except for the Harry Potter film franchise and for her having played the part of Hermione Granger, which character every reader adored on several levels of admiration and identification, no fashion designer or movie director would ever have picked this young woman for a Vogue shoot or a feature film. Hermione Granger won the Sexiest Film Actress award today because voters chose to express their warm feelings for this character.

Go ahead. Tell me how wrong I am.


  1. I loved Emma in her role as Hermione even though Jo said she was far too good looking. True. But I agree with John….sexiest actress? Really? She is known for her portrayal as a nearly totally sexless character which of course was appropriate as Hermione was eleven at the outset. Since you put the pic of Scarlet up, one has to admire her full lips and luscious cheeks, not to mention the extraordinary cleavage in that particular photo. And I am a straight female! No comparison. Having said that, Emma is, I think, an attractive fashion model, but like all of those women rather skinny and flat. I say give the title to an actual sexy woman and not someone we loved for entirely other reasons.

  2. Ok. I wrote my reply before looking at the full article and have to say ….Benedict Cumberbatch? Sexiest actor? Johnny Depp wasn’t even in the top 10. This was a weird contest.

  3. wayne stauffer says

    so everything you say is true…still, young girls could do a lot worse (cf. lindsey lohan, miley cyrus, paris hilton, others) for role models/ public figures to admire. from all i’ve read about emma watson (and not seen in media attention) she seems pretty grounded and making sensible decisions in her personal life and professional career. i suspect the “sexiest” designation is more about the publication trying to generate sales than about her true sex appeal. we adults can try as we might to direct girls’ attention away from their concern with their looks (and we should) as a source of esteem, but they will still think about it none the less. even hermione dolled herself up for the yule ball…

  4. Although I do greatly admire Emma Watson and can think of more than one non-“Harry Potter and-” movie in which she appears (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring and This is The End), I definitely agree that she probably should not be at the top of a sexiest actress list and certainly shouldn’t be ahead of Scarlett Johannson or Jennifer Lawrence. IMHO, making lists that rank people’s sexiness is a weird practice anyways.

  5. Travis Prinzi says

    They’re wrong. It’s still Scarlett.

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