Shared Text: Hunger Games as Vehicle for Gospel Message?

Welcome to Hunger Games month at! Let’s go shopping!

Yesterday I shared fourteen ‘companion books’ put out as accessories for the Panem faithful to enjoy with the movie. Today I think I can document that The Hunger Games has achieved ‘Shared Text’ status. Not only are evangelists writing The Gospel According To Katniss tracts, they’re putting out tee-shirts, which, in order to be understood as invitations to Christ, require no little familiarity with the Katniss Everdeen Trilogy. Hat tip to Eric for this find!

In case you cannot make out the messages —

Hunger For God... His Spirit Will Fill You! May You Ever Be in God’s Favor!

The Hunger Remains… For Those Without Jesus — Blessed are those who hunger now for you shall be satisfied (Luke)


  1. OK…These are GREAT!!!! And yes, I am almost shouting in front of the computer!

    Funny, but I don’t remember adaptation tees of a spiritual nature in the HP genre. I presume they exist and I’ve just not seen them. I mean, how could “The Boy Who Lived” not be morphed into the Gospel message??!!??

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I have one that says “thelight” in a very familiar silver script, with red and gray scripture verses and chess pieces, apples, and other symbols woven through. (It’s one of my favorites to wear to the Y, along with the Zombie Invasion Response Team one I got for my birthday last year).
    They’ve been doing this sort of thing for a while, mostly with very distinctive logos and fonts. I’m actually surprised it took so long!

  3. I’m never sure where I stand on these kinds of things – most of the time they come off a bit corny, but? That said I do still own a Southern Wesleyan University t-shirt somewhere that supposedly says “I love you man” in Greek, so I don’t have room to talk (and I once bought my dad a tshirt spoofing RCA and “his masters voice” with sheep, so maybe I just prefer the more obscure ones, lol,) but this totally does not surprise me…

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