Shared Text: Does This Product Exist Except for Harry Potter?

If you have to have a ‘Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control,’ I’m told they’re only $75.95 during today’s “flash” sale. Enter this under “You know you’re an Adult Fan of the Hogwarts Saga, when… you turn on your toaster with a wand from across the room.”

I suppose it’s possible that the inventor could have pursued this idea in a world without Harry Potter fans with disposable income (or friends of fans trying to find the magic gift). But I’m confident whoever has the patent on this beautie was able to sell it to investors for production and marketing money on the strength of Harry’s popularity and over-sized space in our imaginations. Your thoughts?


  1. Takes some practice but these wands do work rather well for controlling things that have an infrared remote; e.g. TV and cable box. The wand throbs when you have performed a particular motion correctly; good feedback. You have to create your own spells though. “teknus initiatus” (tek-nus i-ne-she-‘ah-tus). I’m such a geek.

  2. I don’t have one, but would LOVE to own such a tool!!! What a hoot!! I’m not a tech geek by any stretch of the imagination (I have yet to figure out how to coordinate our remotes so I can watch DVDs when my husband is not at home!). This little beauty would definately be a prize.

    Where do you find these bits of info, Professor?

  3. Find them? “These bits of info” find me! You wouldn’t believe the stuff in my inbox…

  4. Mary Ellen says

    Oh! I want this! (Is it cheaper if you buy it with Galleons in Diagon Alley?)

    Clearly the incantation for turning off the stereo is silencio, with a quick jab. Hermione never had any trouble with this.

    To turn down the volume might be magis quiete, but keep in mind that I never made it past my second year of Latin. This spell could go badly wrong and you and your BFF might never speak again.

    As for those Hunger Games cards, I only want them if they come with Chocolate Frogs 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says

    Or lamb stew, perhaps? Ugh!

  6. Naw….those cards should come with discount coupons for all the HG promotional goods coming at us! Have you seen the $5 ticket coupons at Walmart attached to the “family movie” display????

    Well, maybe Chocolate Frogs, too. You have a point, Mary Ellen!

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